The Norwegian brand LTS with the twin brothers Syrstad, have been designing amazing rods to the highest quality for the past 13 years. LTS is getting more and more popular outside the border of Norway.  With dealers worldwide, our objective is to build a full range of products to suit every fisher’s desires and requirements.

Lines, waders and clothing will soon be coming to a dealer near you.  Read a rod test and you will see that the LTS salmon and trout rods are getting fantastic reviews. Being born close to the best wild Norwegian rivers gives you the opportunity to be a skilled rod designer, aiming for the rods that can throw long casts with the minimum of effort. Try one of our LTS rods and find out for yourself…
The Across 15 ft, 4 pc spey rod in 10/11/12 WT was specially designed to make long casts when fishing large rivers and makes fishing with a sinking line easy and effective. The rod has a delicate bend all the way down to the butt section, which makes casting an extremely pleasant experience, with ample power to produce incredibly long and accurate casts. As the name “Across” implies, the rod was intended to cast over to the other side of the river. If the rod is paired with the LTS Across line, you will definitely have a “weapon” in your hands for fishing!

The Across 13ft, 4pc spey rod in 8/9/10 WT is built on the same principles as its 15ft big brother. This is a rod that in spite of its shorter length, has plenty of power to both cast far and lift heavy lines to give you a truly enjoyable fishing experience in any river or lake.

The Across light model are made for the smaller rivers or lower water conditions. The 14’6 has a deeper and smother action than the standard Across 13 and 15ft and that makes them a dream to cast with.