The Norwegian brand LTS is getting more and more popular outside the border of Norway. With dealers worldwide we are aiming for building a full range of more than the amazing rods we have been designing the last 13 years. Lines, waders and clothing are coming to very soon to a dealer near you. Read a rod test and you will see that the LTS salmon and trout rods are getting fantastic revives. Born close to the best wild Norwegian rivers make you a skilled rod designer, aiming for the rods that would do long cast with use of unnecessary effort. Try a LTS rod and find out…

Here’s a line of spey rods built for extremely high line speed with the unique LTS “catapult” action at the rod tip. As the name suggests, the new LTS Explosive rods are built to respond and explosively launch line into the distance with even the slightest rod movement. The rods feels light so you can enjoy fishing all day without getting tired.

The rod quality and bold color will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowds, and the way the rod performs will turn some heads!