The Norwegian brand LTS with the twin brothers Syrstad, have been designing amazing rods to the highest quality for the past 13 years. LTS is getting more and more popular outside the border of Norway.  With dealers worldwide, our objective is to build a full range of products to suit every fisher’s desires and requirements.

LTS has developed and fully tested two fantastically powerful and light 11 foot Switch rods, that will cover a multitude of fishing situations – including double handed Spey or Skagit , overhead and even single handed casting. The 7 or 8 weight rods are especially suited when fishing small or medium sized rivers, where often tight casting situations arise, requiring smaller D Loops. These short rods can cast amazing distances and have plenty of backbone to handle large fish. In addition they can easily handle heavy sink tips with large heavy flies often used for steelhead and salmon fishing. Make your long fishing days more enjoyable and less tiring with one of these very exciting powerful, light rods. You will not be disappointed, we promise you!!