The Norwegian brand LTS with the twin brothers Syrstad, have been designing amazing rods to the highest quality for the past 13 years. LTS is getting more and more popular outside the border of Norway.  With dealers worldwide, our objective is to build a full range of products to suit every fisher’s desires and requirements.

Named after Valhalla, the mythical hall of the great norse god Odin. A paradise for heroic warriors. These rods have the trademark crisp progressive LTS action and are a delight to fish. We believe they are the best value rod available on the market today- don’t travel to Valhalla without one. Valhalla rods are supplied in a tough cordura covered travel tube.

LTS Valhalla 9ft four piece AFTM # 5-6
The perfect all round trout rod in a compact travel friendly 4 piece format.

LTS Valhalla 10ft three piece AFTM # 7-8
The ideal single handed salmon and sea trout rod. An outstanding all-rounder.

LTS Valhalla 12ft 6” four piece AFTM # 8-9
You will simply want to fish with this rod all the time, an incredibly versatile rod that you will love to use.

LTS Valhalla 13ft 6” four piece AFTM # 9-10
Powerful and comfortable with a wide range of lines and casting styles. An excellent all-rounder.