Trond Syrstad and me – Bjørnar Skjevdal – where ice fishing last week, when we decided to inform the market. WF lines are now under production for LTS. We are going to be king at lines, also. We have been working with this for a long time … very long time, and we believe that we have taken the lines to “the next level”. Two trout lines! The “Diamond”, with a familiar and all-round belly, and the Zalt and Ephemera as the high end wf line. They are designed as fishing lines, with a wide field of application. The runningline of the Ephemera is extremely thin – so-called micro diameter, which will give this line opportunities we have never had before. The “Zalt” line is now getting a belly with semi-transparent coating, and it is also equipped with a new micro diameter runningline. This is incredibly exciting. The first lines will be in stock within the next month.. Jiiiihaaa ….. I am looking forward to be fishing with these lines!


Diamond WF Float. 27 meter. Olive belly, orange runningline
Wf 3 9,3meter belly
Wf 4 9,3meter belly
Wf 5 9,3meter belly
Wf 6 9,6meter belly
Wf 7 9,8meter belly

Zalt WF Float. 27 meter. Dirty clear head, chatruse running line
Wf 6 9,5meter belly float
Wf 7 9,7meter belly float
Wf 8 10,0meter belly float
Wf 6 9,5meter belly intermediate
Wf 7 9,7meter belly intermediate
Wf 8 10,0meter belly intermediate